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Hi Corretje,

Hope all is good with you.

I have an issue in that the form is not redirecting to a Thank You page after submission. Instead I am getting a message at the top of the refreshed (blank) form saying 'Submission is successfull. (In the front-end version the user will be redirected to a page.)'

I could understand if I was logged in at the time of sending but I have tried on several browsers when not logged in too.

I set up a 'test' form with a couple of simple questions and the redirection to the same Thank You page worked perfectly. I'm scratching my head as to why one form redirect works and the other doesn't yet but forms submit and emails arrive after submission.

The non-functioning form is at

Any advice would be gratefully received!



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ppisoban replied on at Permalink Reply
Panic is over!

My fault, I had set the template to Dashboard on the front end and didn't realise this would also inherit the same functionality as the form would on the dashboard too! Was wondering why the reCaptcha logo didn't show either....



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