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I would like to check if the form can be integrated with Paypal to make a payment?

I have a form to enable the users to buy one of the packeges/ plans, like

- Plan A: $10
- Plan B: $15

When the user selects one of the above options and form is submitted, I would like the user to be redirected to Paypal to make a payment, based on what is selected by the user, once the form is successfully saved in the database and emails are sent.

I look forward to your guidance and support.

Kind regards,

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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

It's not integrated, but can be done... It requires some coding though.
Formidable uses events, so you can use a specific event for redirecting to the payment, after
that returning to a thank you page and again trigger an event.
It's pretty expert coding, but can be done.


lalitesh replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Corretje,

Appreciate your quick response.

Could you let me know when do I handle the event and any example code for the same?

Best Regards!
DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

Sorry for the late reply! Very busy on my end... Sorry!
Here is some example code:

// Event: on_formidable_submit
// Params: form (FormidableForm Object)
// Params: data (array)
// When: Is fired on successfull submission of the form
Events::addListener('on_formidable_submit', function($event) {
    // FormidableForm Object
    $form = $event->getArgument('form');
    //if (is_object($form)) Log::info(t('Formidable Full "%s" succesful submitted', $form->getLabel()));
    // Posted data
    $data = $event->getArgument('data');
    // Result Object
    $result = $event->getArgument('result');
    //if (is_object($form)) Log::info(t('New result (answerSetID) created: %s', $result->getAnswerSetID()));
    // Example code for sending registration to MailChimp
    // NOTE! This code isn't tested and is just for here as example code

Hope this helps!

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