Site crashed after downloading Formidable and froze during install. Now site is broken!

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Unable to login or change to another page from home. Crashes and displays Error screens.
So cannot go back to a previous version.
Try it yourself
I have access to the database via a Hosting console and PHPmy Admin.
I'm thinking to remove/uninstall Formidable and try again but I will need to know which tables to delete.

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welwynd replied on at Permalink Reply
I have backed up the database and restored it . Deleted the Formidable folder from Packages.
Site is now working again.
Downloaded and unpacked it back in the Packages folder.
Click to install it through the Dashboard but the same thing happens and I get the same error screens.
DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Did you update the addon to the latest version?
I've installed it many ties now and can't seem to reproduce the error you are getting.

Attached a .txt file. Could you please rename this to .php (instead of .txt) then upload in the folder /packages/formidable_full/src/Formidable/Search/. Be sure to backup the current version!

See if that helps.


welwynd replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you that worked.
Installed fully and can now create Forms using Formidable.
Is there a Tutorial? I'll do a search in the Community.

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