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We have been using Lite on a couple sites for a long while, not our customer would like to upgrade to full to use the file upload option. Problem is, there are a lot of forms and they don't want to lose anything in the transition. We've ran some experimental installs to see what would happen, but all of the forms are removed from pages as they are associated with the Lite package and content fields are deleted since they use attributes associated with the package. Is there any way to make this upgrade smooth so we keep all forms where they are intact?

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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

The update should be possible... Just uninstall Lite, but keep data.
Then install full. That should do the trick....
afixia replied on at Permalink Reply
Do we need to update first to the latest version of Lite? When we uninstall the Lite version we lose a lot of stuff. All of the blocks are gone and the content fields go empty. These forms are all over the site and we don't really want them to go offline and replace them all.
DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
Could you try to just remove the folder (or rename) then upload formidable full-version.
See if that works.
afixia replied on at Permalink Reply
OK I think its working. I had to leave the lite installed, but I replaced the lite package block with full and updated the namespace. Kinda hacky, but it'll do. Thanks for your time!
campbell replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Based on this conversation, is there a best practice to follow when upgrading from Lite? I'm in the same situation as afixia - we have Lite installed, we've purchased the Full version of Formidable, and we want to upgrade without losing our existing forms.

I attempted the upgrade on my test site. I didn't uninstall Lite first. After installation, I clicked on the Formidable entry in the Dashboard, and no forms displayed. When I went to a page where a form existed, I received the following error:

Argument "form" not found.


I've now uninstalled Lite, keeping data. Then I installed Full. In the dashboard, all my old form results are present, but the forms themselves are no longer there in the forms list. I've attached a couple of screenshots to demonstrate.

Also, the forms on the individual pages are gone, however, I can still add those existing forms to pages, so they seem to be persisting somewhere... they're just not visible in the Forms list (and therefore not editable). However, if I go through the Results list and edit the form name there, it then adds it to the list of Forms. So weird.

Any suggestions you can provide would be welcome. I saw that afixia mentioned replacing the Lite package block with Full and updating the namespace, but I don't know what that means.
DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
Make sure to clear your cache. Also clear your browser cache.
Then reload the forms. It should work.
campbell replied on at Permalink Reply
I've cleared both caches, but the Forms page still only displays the forms that I've modified since the upgrade (changed the form name... modifying the form contents without modifying the form name still leaves the form invisible in the Forms page in the dashboard).

Just seems like an odd glitch. Luckily, editing the name from the Results view is an easy workaround.
DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems an isseu with the token.
Could you see in the developer tool of chrome (or other browser) if there is an issue there?

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