Upload file not working on some browsers.

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Hi there.

Thanks for a very comprehensive form add-on.
I've been using formidable for a few days now and am having a bit of trouble with the file upload.

If I test on a browser (firefox or older browsers) a choose file button is shown in addition to the "drag and drop" notice. When this happens the upload never works. If the upload is set as a required field it returns an error that the field is "empty" even if it has - see attachment.

Is this something that you can look into, please?
And in the meantime is it possible to have the option of the standard file upload field (as per concreteCMS inbuilt forms) in addition to the javascript one?

Thanks in advance.

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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
Seems you have an javascsript error on the page.
Could you send me the URL? See what is happening.
craines replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, and thanks for your response.

The URL is https://perthmontessori.com/for-parents/update-contact-details-form...

It works fine in Chrome/Edge/Safari and you get a functional control that you can drag and drop to, or click on, and successfully submit.

However, in Firefox it displays a 'Browse' button inside the control which seems to work, but any selected files are not recognised when the form is submitted.

As you indicated, something in Firefox is causing the Formidable JavaScript code that hides the file upload input and sets up the control to not run correctly.

All other code and the site seems to run fine in all browsers. Thus, this appears to be a formidable-specific issue when running in Firefox. There are no errors displayed in the browser console when the page is loaded or submitted.

Thanks again for your help with this.

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