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Checkout Formidable (Lite) for Concrete 5.8! Click here.
And the FULL-version: Click here.
Now GDPR-compliant!


Formidable is from the creators of Extended Form. Formidable has the best of Extended form an much more great features!

What can it do?

That's easy! You can create forms and the mails that are submitted. So no more hardcoded templates, only easy WYSIWYG mail creation.
All submissions will be logged and saved in C5 Dashboard. 


Available default elements:

  • Single text
  • Textarea
  • Radiobutton
  • Checkbox
  • Selectbox (single, multi)
  • Hidden

Available advanced elements:

  • Email Address
  • Website (URL)
  • Address
  • Integer
  • Range (HTML5)
  • Slider (jQuery UI)
  • Password (with strength indicator)
  • Phonenumber
  • Date (datepicker, input, select)
  • Time (timepicker, input, select)
  • Rating (stars)
  • Recipient Selector (single, multi)
  • File Upload (multi, ajax)
  • Fullname (firstname, prefix, lastname)
  • GDPR compliance
  • ...

Available Static text and HTML:

  • Heading (h1 - h6)
  • Paragraph (p, div, etc...)
  • HTML (TinyMCE)
  • HTML (Code)
  • ...
Available Layout elements
  • Horizontal rule
  • Fieldset (with legend)
  • Break (spacing)
  • ...

And much much more! Check out the features!
Any questions? Please read the documentation or check out the forum


Sales have ended due to EOL

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