Version History
Added form limits for elements
Added help/description on File-element (thank you SnefIT)
Fixed min/max value on range (thank you SnefIT)
Droped border-dashed on File-element (thank you SnefIT)
Updated Dutch-translation (thank you SnefIT)
Added event handling
Added template for Bootstrap5 horizontal form layout
Added ability to add raw attachments (programmatically)
Fixed using member-data as default values (thank you brand_performance)
Fixed {county} and {province} tags in Address-element (thank you Paul)
Fixed page-object in result (thank you nul76)
Fixed in_array error in FormidableFull (thank you jens)
Fixed "placeholder"-error in Date-element
Changed the filenames in the mail to clickable links
Fixed removing empty lines when "skip empty" is on (thank you markus)
Updated Date-element to use dynamic dates as min/max values (thank you ppisoban)
Added columns-prefixes in adding a row
Added advanced options for Date-element
Fixed error when filtering results on Date Added/Date Modified (thank you covenanthc)
Fixed double data in Date-element in HTML5 on android (thank you roland)
Fixed database-error on updating (Column not found "siteID")

Fixed no value in associated span on Range-element (thank you roland)
Fixed MySQL-error on 'resultResolution'
Added saved search in results
Fixed converting submitted date on import/conversion
Fixed converting element-data-tag on import/conversion
Fixed removing other filter when filterByElement on ResultList
Fixed wrong filesize in File-element (thank you 6tematik)
Fixed uploading files with File-element (as file-input) (thank you 6tematik)
Fixed not saving scheduling-date in form (thank you roland)
Fixed loading recaptchaV3 twice
Fixed converting pages/members in Options-element
Fixed not sending mail to empty CC / BCC (thank you vuish)

Reinstall formidable pages after unfortunate removal
Fixed conversion error in mailing
Added a import/converter from Formidable Full to Formidable (v9)
Fixed not showing dependencies when editing
Removed default column definition in forms and templates (thank you 6tematik)
Fixed form-control class on Options-element as dropdown
Removed empty column in Captcha-element
Fix for 1.1.3 (removed)

Fix for 1.1.2 (removed)

Added multisite features (thank you 6tematik)
Fixed loading pane/dependency when editing mail
Fixed no columns in results (thank you studio108)
Fixed error in dependencies form after removing element
Fixed validating custom format in Phone-element (thank you addis_enterprises)
Added validation masking in Text-element
Fixed dependency rule on Content-element (thank you mmsd)
Fixed dependency rule on Horizontal Line-element
Removed debug-information
Fixed dependency rule on File-element (thank you mmsd)
Fixed validation errors on certain dependency rules

Added dependecies on elements and mails
Added Dutch(NL)-translation
Fixed token validation on several ajax-calls
Fixed ConcreteAlert.alert to ConcreteAlert.error
Fixed sending multiple mails if one breaks
Fixed conversion of userdata
Fixed conversion of formdata
Fixed replyto any element not sending mail
Fixed handling other forms (not formidable) when on same page
Fixed validation on Password-element
Fixed t() error in Password-element
Fixed validation on URL-element
Some minor layout / design updates
Fixed validation issues File-element
Fix the fix in (removed)
Fix the fix in (removed)
Fix the fix in (removed)
Fixed error in mail
Fixed validation error in File-element
Fixed validation error in Phone-element
Fixed error send mail (\zend\mail\message)
Fixed error IBAN-element (\zend\validator\iba)
Fixed error on non-required empty Options-element
Some minor layout / design updates
Fixed "refresh"-error for reCaptchaV3
-- Reviewed by JohnTheFish (thank you John!) --
Fixed error on upgrading to
Fixed "other"-option on checkbox and radio
Some minor layout / design updates
-- Reviewed by JohnTheFish (thank you John!) --
Fixed BrowserDetection error
Fixed calling View:: without proper namespace
Replaced Core::make
Replaced $_FILES
Replaced $_SERVER
Replaced Database::get
Replaced db->execute()

Doctrine entities rewriting
Fixed custom format in Phone-element
Fixed uninstall error

Fixed duplicate handles on elements when duplicating row and columns
Fixed saving block settings
Fixed not showing specific data in mails
Fixed resending mails twice through dashboard
Fixed advanced search "array_key"-error
Fixed "is valid"-class on invalid answers
Fixed saving "select name" in Options-element for pages and members
Fixed no placeholder in Options-element for pages and members
Fixed no elements in confirm/match option for elements
Fixed "foreign key"-error on removing templates
Added check for duplication results when form is duplicated
Added auto-generate handle for name (url-slug alike)
Some minor layout / design updates

Fixed for PHP8 and higher
Fixed Captcha-element when recaptchaV3 is used
Fixed loading default value (request, page, user)
Fixed clearing styles and messages on form reset
Fixed hiding "required"-star when "no label" is checked in view
Fixed "other"-option for Options-element
Added max filesize to File-element
Added Accept-element
Added CSS-styles to templates

Fixed preloader issue in Firefox and Safari
Fixed placeholder names for Address- and Name-element
Fixed using wrong handle in elements in other languages
Allowing custom fields in \Application\Src\Formidable\Elements\Types\CustomField.php

Fixed error on submitting Name-element
Fixed validation on Phone-element
Fixed "go to results"-links in Dashboard
Fixed multiple uploads in File-element
Added cleanup task for temporary files
Fixed GDPR methods and added to tasks
Fixed limits on view
Fixed scheduling on view
Some minor layout / design updates

Fixed error message on Phone-element
Fixed countable error in saving mail
Fixed saving From / ReplyTo values in mail
Fixed showing success-message on submitting form
Fixed wrong fields in results when switching to other form
Fixed error on submitting Options-element
Fixed error on submitting Address-element
Fixed display results of Address-element
Fixed display results of Date-element
Added default first row and column on creation new form
Some minor layout / design updates

Initial version