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Review posted by SnefIT on at

Very, very nice add-on with great support!

Thank you for this great addon! Create rich forms with dito layout options, just love it!

Found some (little) bugs and they got fixed within a day! Great add-on, great support!
Review posted by Dutchwave on at

The perfect form block!

These is so much possible with this add-on! Works really great!


Review posted by webpresso on at

Excellent form package

We are using formidable for forms since years. The new version 9 package is a really cool package written in vue and feels smooth. Very recommended! -

Review posted by NUL76 on at

Very nice add-on

This add-on is an easy to use tool to create advanced forms. We are very happy with this updated version working on Concrete CMS 9. Support is very quick and new features available regularly.
Response by DeWebmakers on at

1.1.0 -

Review posted by Vuish on at

Developed with love.

Runs smoothly out of the box. Developer is active and responds to ticket requests. Has many advanced features. Easy to use. THANKS! -

Review posted by fatcatsanonymous on at

Reliable plugin with timely updates.

Switching to new concrete v.9 and php 8.0 has been a real headache trying to update code and counteract errors on paid plugins by developers who have not upgraded.

I have used formidable for a few years now on a number of projects and am glad I have been able to rely on it to be up-to-date. Thanks! -

Review posted by studio108 on at

Great advanced form builder

This form add-on continues to be a great advanced form builder for ConcreteCMS. Having used it with version 8 I was relieved to see the developer continued on to create a version for v9.

When I needed support for a couple of issues I had encountered they were resolved quickly by the developer team which is very reassuring for the future of this brilliant add-on.

1.1.2 -

Review posted by darrellgw on at

Very Good Add On

This is a very powerful form add-on with a lot of features. At first (using the latest for Version 9), I found a couple of issues/bugs. The developer was very quick to respond and jumped right in and gave me the necessary assistance to get it working properly. I am very pleased with Formidable and I am sure I will be buying it multiple times for future projects.

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