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Review posted by amigacooke on at


Having been a satisfied user of Advanced Forms + Data Display, my particular experience of Formify has been disappointing.

I've had issues with the WYSIWYG editor, accessing files from within concrete to insert into records, accessing the detailed view from the list view, and with the non-appearance of user tools to sort the list display.

Sadly, parts of the functionality that are included do not work for me.

For me, this tool has a long way to go at present.
Response by jgarcia on at
I'm sorry it didn't quite live up to your expectations yet!

I did want to say, there are still a lot of things in the works. When I first released Advanced Forms and Data Display, it wasn't nearly as featured packed as it is now. Similarly, I made Formify available because I was getting a lot of requests for a better forms package for Concrete5.7. As a result, there are a lot of features coming that aren't completed yet.

I certainly understand your rating, based on the expectation level set by AF+DD, but I feel confident that as features are added in the future Formify will exceed those expectations.
Review posted by MarcYBB on at

Lives up to developers promises

Looks good, easy to get going right out of the box (so to speak). The UI on the backend is icon driven so even noobs like myself know where we are and what we are doing. Lots of fields types with a lot of customization and formatting options available.
1 suggestion / recommendation to the developer- Even though Vimeo documentation is great because of the screencasts (and to his credit Justin does a great job), we only see the bare bones basics. A more thorough documentation about just how robust this app is and what it can do is missing to make it rate 5 stars. And should a manual be in the works, remember that A LOT of users have absolutely zero programming knowledge so road maps with step by step are vital.

1.1 -

Review posted by buurvrouw on at

almost ready

EDIT: After the review below jgarcia took action on making some updates and answers. This is very hopefull. As stated below, the promised options of this add-on are very extensive. If they actually do work, i'll make this a 5-star review! For now just 3.

I think this add-on is not ready yet. LOT of things not working. A simple form does work, but that's not why i get an expensive add-on.
There are very much promising options which would be great if they would work.
Also some decent documentation would be very helpful. As would the answering of some support requests.
I'm a bit sad about this.
Response by jgarcia on at
I really do appreciate the feedback. I hope that within the next few weeks it will get a little closer to what you were expecting. If you check the change logs, you'll notice I've been posting updates regularly. I fully intend to address any and all bugs and to continue to add features that will meet the expectations of Formify's users.

1.1.7 -

Review posted by DanHolley on at

Fantastic, with more on the way

I love the idea of Formify and the execution is great. I know there are features on the way that were in the 5.6 version (Advanced Forms/Data Display), but what is already included in the package has been a huge help for my site.

I like that you can be creative as to how you want to use Formify. It's much more than just a form building plugin. I have personally used it to create an easy, user managed database.

Looking forward to the addition of more features, but still amazing as it is.

1.2 -

Review posted by adminEasy on at

Great Addon - Excellent Support

Currently using AF/DD on my live 5.6 site - excellent addon.

Formify for 5.7 still has some functionality issues, but this has not prevented me from developing my new site.

So for me there are two great positives:

1. If this addon were not available I would have to move to another CMS; there is no other Concrete addon that I can find that does forms/display.
2. Support as always is quick, providing fixes or updated versions.

5 stars when all the functionality is added. -

Review posted by zanedev on at

Great ui and robust form functionality

Awesome plugin so far! Overall everything you need is there, notifications, export, and a lot of fields to choose from. I noticed a few of the features are still in the works and it looks like sales are temporary suspended. Keep the updates coming it's really close to being a great full featured solution! -

Review posted by apage50 on at

Must have plug in

This is a must have plug in if you have anything more than just a basic form on your site. We are creating an Intranet site for a client and formify is a key component in in reporting data and displaying data. Without it we would have needed a massive development budget to get the functionality that Formify offers.

Not to mention we found a couple bugs (for once it was not user error from what I was told) and I submitted a ticket to the Formify helpdesk. Justin responded and get it fixed in around 24 hours.

Great plugin, works great and looking forward to what other integrations get added on in the future. -

Review posted by 3CGroup on at

A great product in itself but a disappointment compared with the old version

I had high hopes that this one could compete with Advanced forms and Data Display. Two of the best plugins for Concrete5 in my regard. When you deal with large lists of data it's an amazing tool. I for myself keep all my clients data in my site in a secured area so that I can always rely on it from anywhere I work. One acquaintance uses it for complex feed back forms as an event organiser.

Though Formify is a great product by itself it can't compete with the Advanced Forms and Data Display. For example the XML template builder gave the ability to manipulate data on screen. A simple empty field could disrupt the lay out in a page therefore it was possible to use 'if then' attributes to replace empty fields with, for example "---". It was also possible to highlight data with colours or symbols. Actually a lot was possible. Also was it possible to add an edit or delete button in the page to directly edit the data in the page instead of going to the dashboard. Especially when dealing with third parties this was a very great solution.

In Formify there are still some bugs too, for example using the header and footer in regard to the body, let's say a <table> starting in the header and ending in the footer is giving errors.

Therefor I give it only 2 stars. It is a great product for somebody new who doesn't know the old product but it's a big step backwards for somebody who likes to work with C5 latest version and needs a replacement for Advanced Forms and Data Display.
Response by jgarcia on at
Hey there,
Thanks for your honesty. This is a really helpful review.

To be fully candid, the struggle we've have with Formify is this: Advanced Forms started as a fairly simply forms add-on with a couple of extra features that the core form block didn't have. Over the period of 3-4 years, it grew to a fairly extensive add-on that worked really well, especially when paired with Data Display. It also gave us time to work out kinks much more easily along the way.

For better or for worse, we wanted to pack all of those features into a single add-on at one time with Formify. However, it's been difficult to do so for a variety of reason - most notably, rewriting the whole thing from the ground up.

At it's core, we feel like Formify is a very solid add-on. We feel like in time, it will be an unbeatable extension to Concrete5. Admittedly, it's not 100% of the way there yet. But keep an eye on things: we're constantly working to make it better.

Thanks again for your feedback.

2.6.4 -

Review posted by JeffPaetkau on at

This wants to be a good addon

This is so very close to being a powerful and useful plugin! I want to like it ... I really do. However, I must warn others to choose another option.

Unfortunately, the main feature I needed (the conditional visibility) was so glitchy that it was unusable. Rules disappeared in full or in part and often simply didn't work. The plugin author needs to either fix the bugs or disable this feature.

My problems were compounded by non-existent support. I posted extensive descriptions of the problems in the support forum and offered to help with finding the source of the issues. My posts were not even acknowledged let alone followed up on with helpful content (such as a fix).

In the end, I was able to fix some of the bugs myself and work around others by direct DB manipulation. However, I assume most users won't have the skills to do so. I posted my fixes in the support forum if you are hitting the same issues.

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