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Review posted by grfirst on at

Add-on ddin't work for me

The addon was buggy out of the box. Guess it's back to the drawing board.

The preview of the container dosn't show a preview when a container is selected.

The block opens up to the content tab, but if you click on one of the other tabs, you can't access the content tab again, other than exiting the block and editing again.

Support was prompt in responding to initial request, but seemed to go into lull mode after that. They even went as far as indicating it was my environment that may be causing the problem. Also asked for my login credentials to site and ftp (which I provided). After a few days of no activity, I choose another template that already has similar containers as default.

Now support emails me about not being able to log into my site again. You think?
Response by formigo on at

I'm sorry you don't think we've pulled our weight looking at this. I actually think we have. I also believe we're probably working in different time zones, which can often hinder communication and add to the delays getting things actioned.

I asked for access to the environment and FTP fairly early on, what I got was administrator access, which had then expired by the time I came to look properly. By the time I had the login confirmed again it was late Saturday/Sunday am.

First thing today I attempted to log-in and investigate, and I find the site not there, being moved.

We're good guys here Greg, but can only do so much. If you'd care to let me know when the site is back online, I'll look again for you.

The add-on's been tested extensively, has been through the Peer Review board (PRB). It sells quite a number of copies and ships with several of our themes. Nobody has had a similar problem to you. So sorry I need to respectively disagree on the "this add-on is buggy" front, but you are of course free to leave any review you like (you just did)

As I said, when you can provide us with a site that's accessible, admin access, and FTP we'll be able to sort this.


The Formigo Team

1.0.0 -

Review posted by maccahutch on at

Great Start

I like this add-on a lot. I looked at the previous review and can perhaps add that this, like many marketplace items can be improved. It did exactly what I expected and saved me some coding time. What more can I ask for.

One suggestion to the guys that made this: I am going to customize my box header background and container background. It would be great if this could be done in the options for this block. Not a big deal. Thanks for a great tool!!!!

1.0.1 -

Review posted by witwag on at

Cool addon ! Must have.

I just bought this addon out of curiosity (and because every designer in our team is busy with other projects). Installed it on one of our sites,,... which provides copywriting services in French. We were previously using custom designs for blocks on the right side column, which was ok but design was not perfect; to say the least.

In ten minutes I was able to copy/paste the content of each block in Formigo Container and try the different layouts available. It does a great job and displays perfectly well on mobile browsers including iPad. Probably the easiest way to style your blocks, if you have installed a theme from the marketplace. The result ; agence redaction web looks even more professional than before ;)

No conflicts with installed plugins, no problems, good looking code. You can override the blocks colors and borders to match your theme, in a very straightforward manner.

Two things on my wishlist : it would be nice to be able to style text more deeply including paragraph, strong, H2 & H3 & H4, anchors (links) under the Colors tab ; and I'd love to see, say, five or ten other styles.

Highly recommended for end users, and well worth the bucks !

1.0.2 -

Review posted by Ditso on at

Post it notes very good

Like the post its and the rounded edge boxes, shame you couldn't have a rounded edge on a post it.

All in all worth the money

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