Formigo Slider is straightforward to use, simply configure these options in the add-on's add/edit options.


Height: The height of the slider in pixels. Images used should also match this height.

Width: The width of the slider in pixels. This should be set to width of the area in which the slider will be placed. Full width images should also be this width.  If the left or right image slide templates are chosen image the image width will be exactly half this with. e.g. If our area's width is 960px, images for the left-image and right-image template need to be 480px.

(Observing the above will ensure that responsive calculations based on area width and viewport size will be reliable and presentation consistent)

Display Duration: The time in seconds each slide should be shown for.

Transition Speed: The time in miliseconds each transition should take (1000ms = 1 second).

Background Color: An optional background color which can be set for all slides in the slideshow.

Navigation Style: Circular or Square buttons can be chosen.

Color: Choose a color for the bottom slide navigation buttons.

Selected/Hover Color: Choose a color for the bottom slide navigation buttons when they are selected or hovered over.

Enable Side Navigation: Optionally enable buttons which appear on hover over the slider and allow navigation to next/previous slides.

Autoplay Slideshow: Should the slideshow commence playing automatically, or not.


Slides are all configured within the block. Page lists are not used/required.

For each slide;

Active: Check to include slide in presentation, uncheck to exclude.

Order: Amend the sort order of the slides. Edit will load also load the slides in the correct order next time.

Edit/Hide: Show/hide slide editing interface

Delete/Undelete: Mark slide for deletion, or not. Slides deletion is only performed when the block is saved.

Template: This is required for each slide. Which of the four slide layouts to use. Left Image, Right Image, Full Width Text, Full Width Image.

Image: The image if any to be used on the slide.

Alt Text: The Alt text to be used on the image.

Redactor Text Editor: The text and html that should comprise the text portion of the slide.

Please note: The responsive nature of Formigo Slider means it is limited to one use per page.


IMPORTANT: Responsive

When the slider goes responsive past a certain point all text will be hidden apart from any H2's this is by design to make sure everything scales properly.

So when creating slides it is worth noting that you should be using H2's as you main (most important text) and use other tags for less important content that will be hidden when repsonsive.

Tips & Tricks

Hiding/removing the dots/squares - the easiest way to hide the dots/squares at the bottom of the slider is to use CSS. Simply add the following to your themes 'main.css' file.

.formigo-slider-bottom-nav {
display: none;