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Forms With PayPal / Credit Card Payment

Easily build custom forms that include PayPal / Credit Card payment. Very useful for registration forms that require payment.

 - You can now have your form set up recurring payments
 - You can now choose between Live and Sandbox mode (for testing) 

To use this add-on, all you need is the email address of your PayPal account (free sign-up on paypal.com).

When visitors use your form they will be able to pay with their PayPal account or with a credit card.

Use of this add-on is very similar to the "Form" block that comes standard with concrete5. In your dashboard, there will be a results page that shows all every submission's answers and payment details. You can set a base price and then specific prices for certain form options. And, of course, it also allows you to ask for non-price related data. Supports all currencies that PayPal supports. Allows you to set up custom receipt/confirmation messages with dynamic data (such as Amount Paid and Payer's Name). Allows you to choose which page visitors are taken to after they finish their payment.  Payments are made securely through PayPal's site; so, SSL is not required with this add-on.

These field types are available:

  • Text Field (one-line)
  • Text Area (multi-line)
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select Box
  • Checkboxes
  • Date (with visual datepicker)
  • Slider (useful for guiding donation amounts, etc.)
  • File Upload

You can set prices for individual checkbox choices, radio button choices, select (drop-down menu) choices, sliders, or have a text field that let's users enter their own money amount.

You can limit the number of submissions of a form (e.g., finite stock of an item, or limited number of event registrations) and have it show a custom Sold Out message when this limit is reached.

You do not need to purchase any other add-on for it to work.

Please check out the Screencast.


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