This addon allows you put a map and optionally a marker on your website.

Put a block wherever you want to put a map.

In edit mode, you will see an edit screen like this.

Apply current location using GPS will move the map to your current location. (GPS must be enabled on your browsers)

Dragging a map will set the center position of the map. (Default Map lat/lng will be taken from the user's geolocation inforamation, which can be enabled in the dashboard.)

width / height can be specified either: px, vw, vh, em, rem, vx and %, by suffixing. If you enter the number only, it will be considered as px.

Optionally, you can place a marker on the map, by cheking the option Display a Marker.
Messege will be shown on the marker. Messages must be at most 1000 chars. (You can enter message anytime but if you don't tick on Display a marker checkbox, the message will not be shown.)

Expert Mode

When you tick on Expert Mode checkbox, it will display an editing screen below.
Here, you can set latitude, longitude, zoom, markerlatitude and markerlongitude by entering numbers.
These numbers are not parsed in realtime, you need to push Commit to MAP button.
Pushing the Commit to MAP will display you the longitude, zoom, markerlatitude and markerlongitude you have entered.

Custom Template (ver1.1 or later)

Ver 1.1. added a custom template which shows the current position and the distance. (This feature is enbaled when the marker is displayed.)