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Review posted by baysmedia on at

Nice little add-on

This is a handy little add-on, that caters for the basics for an alternative for Google Maps, which is particularly handy since Google are now charging for use of their service.

The add-on edit interface has an overlay issue (where the map preview is on top of the text fields which you need to fill in), but if you tick the "expert" box, you can then scroll up and down to work around this.

Other than that little issue, this is a great alternative for those that make basic use of Google Maps on their C5 website

1.1.1 -

Review posted by fabianbitter on at

5 stars

Very good alternative to Goole Maps. Good concrete5 implementation. Thank you
Review posted by moeetion on at

Easy to use

I like this add-on. It's easy to use and a good alternativ for google maps. Thank you very much.

The only thing I'm missing is some options for the styling. I've found this page. Maybe it's possible to add an option list with some stylings.

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