Version History

1.2.3 - Fixed title duplication.

1.2.2 - Fixed multiple selection bug in Concrete5.

1.2.1 - Added missing files in javascript.

1.2 - Modified lightbox script to support responsive themes.

- Bug fix for lightbox on some custom block templates.

1.1.21 - Fixed responsive custom template image resizing.

1.1.20 - Refined image transition to prevent animation jitters.

1.1.19 - Added gallery for lightbox support.

1.1.18 - Fixed lightbox bug.

1.1.17 - Added support for Custom Image sorting on different Database settings.

1.1.16 - Added option to show/hide download link.

1.1.15 - Added support for IE "Top Thumbs No Crop Responsive" template, so images will not look stretched.

1.1.14 - Added responsive template support "Top Thumbs No Crop Responsive".

1.1.13 - Added lightbox support for the block templates.

- Added fix on the image container being cut-off when using no-crop templates.

- Added Custom Number support for the templates.

- Added Custom Number field validation.

1.1.12 - New Feature: Alternative thumbnail can now show color instead of just cropped images (not available for file set option).

1.1.11 - Minor bug fix on the validation when File Set drop down is not chosen.

1.1.10 - Added block validation if images does not reach at least 2.

- Improve support for File Set orderding.

1.1.9 - Added option to customise interface controller texts (Next,Prev,Play,Pause,etc.)

1.1.8 - Fixed display order for file sets.

1.1.7 - Added support for C5.5 custom template versioning

1.1.6 - Added block interface support interface for Firefox

1.1.5 - Added support for PHP 5.4

1.1.4 - Added custom option for no. of images shown per page.

1.1.3 - Added support for lightbox when the preview image is clicked.

1.1.2 - Added 3 new block templates.

1.1.1 - Improved support for multiple attributes shown for image captions.

1.1 - Add support for multiple instances on the same page.

1.0 - Initial Release