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Review posted by banditetr on at

Nice - simple and easy

Good job
Review posted by mattintouch on at

Plug-in installs OK. Support? Not so good ...

I downloaded and installed Gallerific OK, and added it to my page. However, all image links were broken, and on closer inspection I could see that the plug-in was referring to a non-existant directory.

I notified the plug-in author - and he did not make an effort to investigate the issue properly. I am waiting for a response 48 hours later, and my project is running behind schedule as a result.
Response by jb1 on at
This add-on uses the default C5 function to point to the cache directory. Since you are using a different caching add-on it is most likely caused by that. Since we don't have a copy of that caching add-on we couldn't investigate it on our end. I suggest you contact the original developer of that caching add-on.

Review posted by WayneRichmond on at

Great Add On!

I looked at a number of options and decided to go with this one as it does everything I need it to do (including providing a link to download the original image), is very easy to use and it looks great!
Review posted by bek on at

Wonderful gallery

Excellent gallery, easy to modify code & styling, will be buying again :)
Review posted by jwik on at


This is exactly the type of gallery I was looking for and it's very easy to work with.

I had one question on how to remove the download link and rather than instruct me on how to tweak the code they simply created an update with the ability to switch the link on or off.

I'm very impressed with both the functionality and style of the gallery, and the wonderful support.

I should mention that I fully expected to have to tweak the code before I purchased Gallerific as it was mentioned in the description. That they promptly went out of their way to create an update when all I did was ask where the code was located and how to edit it simply blows me away.

Anyway - excellent in every way and I appreciate it!
Review posted by kspitzley on at

Nice gallery, quick and helpful support

Gallery works as advertised, is fairly customizable, and the support response time is extremely quick.
Response by jb1 on at

We really appreciate your positive feedback. Thank you very much.

Review posted by arlenesey on at

Good Gallery add-on, timely support

Good add-ons aren't really "good" without support. I have faced this so many times.
This add-on does what it says it will do, and the support from JZ was timely and extremely helpful. Thank you!
Response by jb1 on at
Thank you for supporting our add-on. We really appreciate your great review.

Review posted by Adreco on at

Versatile and clean

I just realized how many different sites I've used this on. Great block! I especially like using it to "spruce up" eCommerce product pages. It allows for a very flexible method to showcase multiple product images. Updating or adding product images can be easily done right from File Manager sets. Thanks!
Review posted by Pomlo on at

Good addon - Great support

I like this gallery as I found it more user friendly than plenty of other one. As far as I saw, it also works great on mobile device where "lightboxed" galleries could be an issue.
The out of the box setup works nicely but I needed a custom template to display wider images. I requested some support and the answer was very quick and precise, the solution given worked in a minute. Thank's JB !
Review posted by marshallarts on at

Good gallery, excellent support

I like the clean, minimalist look of this gallery, and it does pretty much all I want of a gallery. The support has been impeccable - I had some issues with resizing of different-size images in one of the no-crop templates, and the developer's responsiveness has been excellent - probably helps a bit to be in the same country!
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

WOW - Fantastic add on

Love this add on. This allowed me to arrange all pics on the same page displaying all without the need to scroll. Love it!! Saved tons of time as well!!
Review posted by pburgo on at

Great add-on and stellar support

When I first used the block the images did not display. I sent a support request, JB responded very quickly, with clear concise reasoning and possible fixes. I follwede his instrucxtion and now the add-on works perfectly.

I have also experienced great support on every add-on that i've purchased from JB. He makes working in Concrete5 very enjoyable.
Review posted by welm on at

Good product with very good support!

After spending quite a bit of time on other gallery options that led to dead ends, I was very pleased to find Gallerific. My one problem (thumbnails and slide show displaying one above the other, rather than side-by-side) was solved very quickly and efficiently by support from JB, who recommended modifying the template CSS code to increase the template width.

Once that was done, Gallerific has worked smoothly and without difficulty. I recommend this product to others!
Review posted by Hoopergraphics on at

Not a bad package

Not a bad package but a bit problematic with sizing images, either landscape or portrait, can't seem to cope with both on one gallery. It also seems to like the images to be sized first before importing, although I accept that is good practice.

I understand it can do the things I mention above, so I will have another go, and possibly revise my review.

Finally our customer had problems using it on Internet Explorer and Windows Vista, however when she changed to Firefox it worked fine.

On a positive note, we did get very speedy response to the above problem, and I accept that it only cost $15.
Response by jb1 on at
This add-on is designed to automatically resize AND crop each banner image automatically. It WILL work with landscape AND portrait images in the same slideshow. From a design perspective this might not always be a good idea. This addon is running on hundreds of websites and the only time I've ever heard of it not working on IE, so it's highly likely to be an issue relating to the user's browser (such as a setting, cache issue, plugin, etc). I do work very hard to endure each support request is answered quickly (even on weekends) and always greatly appreciate positive reviews that reflect that.
Review posted by arrestingdevelopment on at

Great product. Great service

This is a fantastic plugin. And JB was incredibly responsive and helpful when I had some questions about using it. I highly recommend this addon!
Review posted by tone72 on at

Excellent Customer Service!

A recent client selected the Gallerific image gallery for their new intranet site. I have had a few issues with customising the gallery, but have felt fully supported by JB throughout the process. I am very happy with the high level of customer service I have received from JB - timely responses and detailed information! Thanks so much JB. It is truly a pleasure to work with your product knowing you will provide support when it is required. Highly recommended!
Review posted by plschneide on at

Solid Gallery object and Great support

The gallery block was just what my client was looking for. I've seen others with more bells and whistles, but I've given this one five stars because it does what it advertises, has a solid set of features and options, simply works well, does play well with other blocks and most importantly, I received fantastic support when I had questions on how to make tweaks and adjustments. Definitely key to being able to use a block successfully!
Review posted by imagesforart on at

Very Cool -- Thanks JB

This gallery -- hand picked by our clients -- has been really straightforward to customize considering the complexity and thoroughness of the base coding

Our clients are delighted and JB has responded very promptly with a solid offer of help on a customization issue with which we sought help

PM us anytime if you want more specific review
Thanks JB -- Keep on keeping on!
Good luck and best regards
Review posted by dcaryll on at

Awesome Addon

Very easy to use, and the developer helped me when trying to change some back-end things. Worked perfectly for the artist gallery I was creating. Definitely recommend.
Review posted by sllecks on at

Great gallery!

I really enjoyed implementing this into a website I was building. The client was extremely impressed and happy with the gallery. This add-on is making me look good!
Review posted by chai714 on at

Very Awesome Product, Makes Life Easier, Superior Support Too!

I've been using this plugin for a couple months. My client had hundreds of photos, in about 20 different galleries with different captions.

This plugin saved me hours of work and the client was very happy with the interface.

At one point, I had issues with the photo size but the developer immediately replied and troubleshot my issue (css problem) and gave precise solutions.

Not only is it a great product but to have that kind of support for a product thats only $15 dollars makes it a great value. A 5 star product with 5 star support.
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Gallerific Rocks!!!

This is a real neat block, easy to use and looks good on a page. Great support from JB on some CSS questions. 5 Star and recommend to anyone wanting a sweet gallery for their site.
Review posted by crferguson on at


I am not one for writing reviews but after some great support I was compelled to do so. I have looked at all the gallery add-ons, but this is the only one that fitted the requirements of having thumbs to the side, a slide-show and being able to see the original file all with very smooth transitions and excellent performance.

My only issue was with its inability to handle portrait and landscape mixed image sets. But after some rapid and excellent support it now handles such image combinations perfectly (see support pages).

Great add-on with excellent support and hence highly recommended.
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Gallerific is Terrific

This is a very useful image gallery - very dynamic. One of my clients finds it to be easy to use and understand.

You should use this with the pop-up add-on! Fits perfectly with that one, too!
Review posted by yanhaofairytale on at

Easy but good!

After comparing several album tools, I found this is the one I am looking for. It is not fancy, but it has the features of a good web gallery: fast, good-looking and easy to use...

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