Will this make my website compliant?
No. However, it will help you to take an inventory of what needs to be done.

How can I translate the add-on?
You can translate it in your own language via https://translate.concrete5.org/translate/package/gdpr. To update the translations in your CMS, go to the /index.php/dashboard/system/basics/multilingual/update page. Make sure you clear the cache, if you don't see any changes.

I need more help with GDPR
Make sure you join the #gdpr channel on Slack. https://concrete5.slack.com/messages/C8U43A4JC/

Why would I add custom packages, block types, or database columns?
If you have a very large database or if you have many websites. In such a case you'd copy the configuration file. If you think the custom values should be incorporated in the add-on, please send me a message.