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Review posted by Medon on at

Well done

Got pretty much evrything you might need and stuff you didnt think of that you need but you need it. Great job.
Review posted by dolphin007 on at

Great Plugin!

We use this plugin for our NonProfit page. The plugin is simple and clear. Thanks a lot for this!
Review posted by Eskimo on at

GDPR add-on

great tool to protect data and grant a safe navigation.

Before 1.0.6

Review posted by Cahueya on at

Helps a lot with GDPR comliance!

This Add-On is very well thought through and offers a lot of help for being GDPR compliant.

It does not "automate" the process, but it helps you understand where and which data can be problematic with personal data of your visitors.

If you are no expert in maintaining personalized data and keeping GDPR compliance, this is really helpful.

Easy and self-explanatory, this will help you in getting there to really meeting the requirements.

Thanks a lot!
Response by A3020 on at
Thanks for your kind review! And if you have suggestions, let me know!

1.0.6 -

Review posted by tsilbermann on at

A very helpful tool

With this add-on you have many different things that have to be considered for the GDPR in one place. Well done!
Response by A3020 on at
Thanks @tsilbermann! And the German community should thank you for your translation efforts; it's often difficult work and very important for the end-user!

1.5.3 -

Review posted by poo on at

Helpfull tool

This plugin cover very well the challenge with GDPR.
Response by A3020 on at
Thanks for taking the time to review the GDPR add-on. I appreciate your feedback!

1.5.6 -

Review posted by zuna on at


Fantastic addon. with 8.4 i found a problem. With the gpdr addon installed, when you go to sitemap show this error:
<span class="fancytree-title" title="200: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0">SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0</span>
Response by A3020 on at
Thanks for your review, Zuna! I'm currently looking into this issue, but can't replicate it on my 8.4.0 instance. Would you be able to provide me some extra details via Slack or via the Support section?

1.6.4 -

Review posted by zuna on at


Hello again, nothing to say. Good job, i found an error with the concrete5 install. The json error with sitemap it's not replicated.

1.6.6 -

Review posted by tobyme on at

Very Useful

Works very well. Nicely built and clear. The cookie consent feature is a nice bonus and this prevented me having to trawl databases to clear info, especially important with legacy froms which I could not clear.

The only tweak I would suggest is that the Cookie Consent Learn More URL is customisable and maybe you could offer a vanilla block template so it defaults to a site style so we don't have to recode the CSS if you are a dev.

Good work thanks.
Response by A3020 on at
I'll take your suggestion into account. Thanks for your kind review!
Review posted by markinspain on at

Excellent add on, a lifesaver

Keeps things nicely in check for data protection, keeps everything in one place, with simple dashboard jobs. Seems to work OK, no bugs or glitches.
Response by A3020 on at
Muchas gracias por tu review! Déjame saber si tienes alguna sugerencia. ;)

1.8.0 -

Review posted by j42 on at

100% worth it!!

This plugin is very easy to use, self explanatory and works well so far.

It is definitely worth the money - it not only saves you lots (!) of time, but it also makes sure you don't miss anything!
Response by A3020 on at
Thanks for your kind review!

1.8.1 -

Review posted by maraxus on at

Helpful, does what it should

I'm a fan of this addon. Easy to understand and does what it should!

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