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Google CDN for jQuery & swfobject


This package adds an option for the jQuery, jQuery UI, and swfobject libraries to point to the appropriate version on Google's CDN. And, while we're at it, you can also easily configure which jQuery UI theme you want to reference (they're all hosted on Google, too).

Using Google's CDN can speed up both your site (less files to serve) and, most importantly, the end user's browsing experience. Chances are that they already have jQuery cached from another site on the web and, if they don't, Google's servers are probably faster than yours. There are a few additional reasons why it might be quicker.

if your site mainly serves intranet traffic to local users, then using Google's CDN might not speed things up. See the blog post above. Also, if you're serving to an intranet where local policies block Google at the firewall, you won't be able to use Google's CDN.

This was designed for concrete5 v5.4 and up. Recently updated for 5.6.0

How it works / Instructions

  1. When you install this package, a new Html helper is installed into your local helpers directory (not the c5 core directory). The web server will need write permissions on this directory. If there are any problems with installation, a notification and manual solution is posted at Dashboard / System / Notifications.
  2. The helper intercepts any header request for jQuery, jQuery UI (javascript and CSS), or swfobject and rewrites it with a reference to the appropriate version on Google's CDN.
  3. A new page is installed at Dashboard / Pages and Themes / CDN Config. You go to this page to enable the CDN and, if you'd like, choose a jQuery UI theme.

Buying this add-on is better than doing it yourself

  • There are several references to the jquery libraries which you'd have to modify
  • Packages you install in the future might reference the local jQuery install, meaning you'll have two copies loaded
  • Modifying core files is risky if you upgrade in the future, and troublesome even if you keep them in the local directories (you'll need to integrate any updates manually)
  • If you develop on your local machine (or your site might be moved back onto a developer's local machine) and you sometimes have no internet, then hardcoded references to Google will break (your browser won't be able to download the files)
  • You'll have to track version differences in the future (c5 doesn't always use the most recent version, and referencing something too new might break things)


Sales have ended due to EOL

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