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Broadcast email open rates are 35% on a good day. But everyone reads their text messages. And they read them almost instantly. provides a platform to send broadcast text messages to your audience. Think about it as Constant Contact, but for texting. 


  • Unlimited Contacts
    You can add your audience one at a time, through CSV upload or by having them text a keyword in to your dedicated number. (This is enabled after account activation.)

  • Unlimited Groups
    Group your contacts into as many groups as you wish. You can send message to one or more groups. Any contact in multiple groups will only receive the message once.

  • Easy Sign Ups
    Joining your groups is as easy as texting a keyword to your dedicated phone number. (e.g. "Text pta to 212-555-1212 to receive our updates.") You create the groups and you specify the keywords. You can also add your signups through Concrete5, by adding the included GroupTextPro block to your website and even uploading a CSV file.

  • Schedule Your Texts
    Schedule a text today to be sent tomorrow or next year. 

  • Dedicated Phone Number
    Once you activate your account, we will provide you a dedicated phone number in your area code.

  • FREE Working Trial - No Credit Card Required
    Create an account right through the add-on. You'll be able to test the system by sending up to 50 texts using our shared phone number.

Our system is full featured, allowing you to:

  • Integrate short URLs
  • See exactly who received each message
  • View messages by contact
  • Schedule messages for the future

Following your trial, a paid account is required.

  • Select the plan that fits your needs (plans start at $5/month)
  • Change your plan at any time
  • Cancel your account at any time
  • Use our website account interface as well
  • Non-profit discounts are available is currently only available for US and Canada.

Current Version: 2.2
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every few days.
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