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Review posted by viriesque on at

Also Works Out the Kinks

By using this addon, I was able to find little bits of code in my tables that were clogging up my File Uploader! There's so many more uses for it...but it zeroed in on lines of code that I just couldn't find on my own.

Honestly, this was a life-saver :D
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

All I can say is... Nice ;)

A wonderful tool - but to be on the safe side I use advanced permissions and restrict all but the admin to access it in the dashboard.

Thanks for a great add-on
Review posted by 12345j on at

Great Developer tool

wish it was included in the core. works great.
Review posted by Brainakazariua on at

Great tool

This makes it so much easier to change things.
I used to be forced to have FTP/SSH open to make changes to my config, now I can just do it through the dashboard.
Review posted by Mnkras on at

So much easier!

This makes developing so much easier!

Thanks hereNT!

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