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Easily add your own data to user-submitted Express forms. You can track who did what and from where, build honey pots and anti-spam systems, and extend the system to create your own hidden data sources.

PHP 8 ready!

When a form is submitted you can find out:

  • What page it was submitted from
  • What user submitted the form
  • The date and time of submission
  • Your own custom data
  • And more with this package's extra Hidden Express Attributes

You will get 3 new Hidden Express attributes that you can use in any Express form.

  1. A hidden Boolean (Checkbox) attribute
  2. A hidden Fixed value (Text Box) attribute
  3. A Dynamic Value attribute

All 3 are pretty useful but the most powerful one, by far, is the Dynamic attribute.

How does it work, what do they do

Very simply those attributes add data to your Express form that the form submitter doesn't have control over. The data is hidden.

You control what value that data will have on submission and what value it will have later on if the form's results are edited.

Fancy a few examples?

The Checkbox Attribute

  • Add a hidden boolean value that indicates whether you dealt with the submitted form or not. Check it when it's dealt with.
  • Add several hidden boolean attributes that indicate the importance of the message. Read the submitted message and check the importance level you want.
  • Add several hidden boolean attributes to indicate who in your team should deal with the message. Read the submitted message and check the name you want.

You can do a search by attribute so, in these examples, you can easily filter by results and quickly find out unanswered messages or messages by a team member.

The Text Box Attribute

This attribute allows you to add a fixed string value to any form. To be honest it was created mostly to be used when creating a honey pot in an anti-spam system.

The Dynamic Value Attribute

This one comes with 3 data sources and you can extend it with your own data sources.

For now, it allows you to add to your form

  • The page your form was submitted from. Especially useful if your form is in a global area that could be on any page.
  • The logged-in user who submitted the form.
  • The exact time at which the form was submitted as well as the submitter's Timezone.

You can easily create your own Data Sources and use them in your forms. For instance, you could create data sources that

  • Generate a unique identifying code for each form.
  • Grab and sends you any value from the current request.
  • Tells you which product from the Community Store the user was looking at when submitting the form.

And because you can add any attributes or class names to the hidden field itself you can even use JavaScript to dynamically give it a value.

If you want to create your own Data Sources, please click here to check the free example package you can find in Github

Current Version: 3.0.2
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Compatible 8.2.1+
License: Standard
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