After installing the package you can go to the dashboard page and start creating ads.

To creat an add: 

  • browse to Dashboard -> Hutman Ads -> Search 
  • click "Add new Ad"
  • complete the form (you will want to keep your ad image sizes consistent)
  • click "Add" to put your ad in the system 

To place ads on a page: 

  • add the "Hutman Ads Display" to an area on a page 
  • select the number of ads and the ad category 

The block will randomly select the number of ads you specify from the ad pool and display them in the area. Ads which have expired or have passed their click or view limit will no longer be available on the site. 

Click tracking note:

  • HTML ad click are tracked via javascript by capturing the click even on <a> tags within the ad block. Some 3rd party ad services may not track clicks properly. 
  • Clicking an ad multiple times on the same page will generate multiple click events

 The Rotating Ads Custom Template takes the ads that are displayed by the block and rotates them one at a time within the block's space.  Each Ad display will only be counted once per page load and click tracking works the same as without the Custom Template.