The Hutman Ad manager provides a tool to manage ads via the concrete5 dashboard and a block for displaying those ads on pages. Ads can be categorised to allow different shaped ads to be placed in different areas on your page.  

Options you can set for each ad:

  • Title (Only used in Dashboard Listing)
  • Category (Default, Leaderboard, Sidebar)
  • Limit Display By (Unlimited, Date, Clicks, Views)
  • Ad Type (Image/URL/Target, Markup)

Options for the block include: 

  • number of ads to display
  • category to display
  • custom template for ads to rotate

Image ads track statistics for views and clicks. You can also create ads using your own markup (for flash or videos etc...) but clicks stats may not apply to your markup.  Each ad has a dashboard page to view ad stats as well as a global downloadable report for all ad stats.