Amending the installed Topics

The installed Blog Entry Topics are

  • Reviews
    •  Gadgets
    • Movies
    • Books
    • Music
To change these to be more relevant for your site, 
  • Login to your site
  • Open the Dashboard sidebar and select System and settings
  • Under Attributes select Topics
  • Expand the Reviews folder
  • Click on the Topic name and select Edit Topic. Rename and click Update.
  • Delete or rename the rest.

Adding your Blog

Login to your site

  • Click on the Add Pages,and Navgate your site button. (top right next to the dashboard button)
  • Under New Page, select Blog Entry.
  • The page will be redirected to the Composer - Blog Entry
  • Enter the title of the Blog, this will automatically create the URL Slug.
  • Add a short description of the blog. This will be shown in the blog list on the Blog Page.
  • Select the relevant topic.
  • Add a thumbnail if required.
  • Enter the contents of your Blog.
  • Click on Publish Page

Viewing your Blog

The Blog page is generated under Home, to browse to the blog list page the URL is
If you don't have pretty URLs installed you will need to browse to

Changing the Blog Page

You can amend any part of the page change the page into edit mode.

  • Blog Title, Hover over the word Blog and click. choose edit Block
  • Blog List, The Blog list is a page list block. If you edit this block you can change the amount of blogs listed on the page.

If you want to show the blog content and not the blog description

  • Choose design and custom templates
  • Select the cog, custom css, custom templates
  • Choose the One Page template and save. 

Stylise the Blog Page

At present the blog is only styled for the Elemental Theme.