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Review posted by tallacman on at

My Bad

After I ran this I had the idea I could remove the block BUT that is not the case. Deleting the block will delete all your content.
Review posted by tallacman on at


If you set up your site without the full install you don't have a blog set up to start with. This addon will make short work of getting all the bits taken care of for you.
Review posted by SnowyMountainWeb on at

A much-needed Add-On.

This add-on fills an important need for easily adding simple blog functionality to a concrete5.7 site. Seems to work well. This will save me many hours of development time. Thanks!

1.0.0 -

Review posted by esaa on at

Great tool - just a little issue with languages

This is a great blog tool! Easy to install and nice to use.
The only challenge we have had is with dates. On the blog page dates are in English and on the blog entry page in Finnish. How can we change the date on the blog entry page to be Finnish too? Another language issue is the translation of months under archive - it shall be Joulukuu 2015 not joulukuuta 2015.
Review posted by MoreK on at

Easy and fast to setup

The blog was quick to set up and it worked out of the box. The blog seem to have all basic features, commenting, social links etc. It seem to fit into my customized bootstrap layout too, so no tuning was needed at all. Good job!
Review posted by TooqInc on at

Fast, Simple, and It Works

Ran into issues with another blog package offered here that was pretty solid on 5.6 but not ready at all for 5.7. We solved the issue with HW Simple Blog and were up and running without any hassles or headaches quite quickly.

The add-on is plug and play (simply install and you're ready to use it), the styling has fit seamlessly on two separate sites, and works well. This is my new go to for 5.7.

1.0.0 -

Review posted by tallacman on at


Wow! I'm building a blogging theme and the page list has been missing some crucial functionality that the 'One" template resolves for me. This block now does it better than any other option.
Review posted by justynpride on at

Does what it says on the tin

A perfect and easy start to c5 blogging

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