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Image Banner

This block allows you to select a series of images to create a decorative banner. This is useful when you have a range of images that are of different sizes and shapes.

You specify a width and height for the banner and a series of images from the file manager. The block will automatically scale and crop the images to evenly fit within the banner space. 

For example:

  • You select a width of 960 pixels and a height of 200px
  • You pick 4 images from the file manager
  • The block will resize and crop each image to be 240px wide (960 / 4) and 200px height
  • The images will be displayed side by side, giving the appearance of a banner.

For each image, cropping options are available - to indicate whether images should be cropped from the top, middle, bottom, left and right. The images can also be re-ordered.

Images can be added or removed from the series of images, with the block automatically recalculating and resizing/cropping the images.

If this block is used with only one image, it simply becomes a useful cropping tool for images (instead of editing the original image).

The block is suitable for use in a global area on a site as well as sidebar and main content areas.

Finally, this block will remember the last height and width settings used and will default to these values for new blocks. 

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