Image Float Templates

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Two templates that facilitate the alignment of images within a core image block.

This listing describes two templates that facilitate the alignment of images within a core image block, specifically designed to streamline the process of centring or right-aligning images. By integrating these templates into your workflow, you can easily manipulate the positioning of images in your content, bypassing the default left alignment.


  • Simple Application: The templates are straightforward to apply. After adding an image block, a couple of clicks will lead you to the 'Design & Block Template' option, where you can select your preferred alignment ('Centre' or 'Right').

  • Enhanced Customisation: Offers additional flexibility in image placement, enhancing the visual appeal of your content.

  • Compatibility with Core Image Block: Specifically designed to work seamlessly within the core image block framework.

  • Demo Availability: A demo page is provided to showcase the templates in action and guide users through the application process.

Demo page:

Current Version: 1.1
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Compatible 9.2.1+
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