inDirectory is a versatile, fully integrated package for Concrete5 that enables you to feature directory items and listings on a website in a logical and visually interesting format. Compatible with the newly released Concrete5.7, this unique directory add-on provides ease of use and tight integration with all concrete5 sites.

A directory allows you to alphabetically or thematically list individuals, organizations or other important information. This tool can be used to create directory listings to categorize and display information about your members, employees, services, and much more. inDirectory is intuitive and customizable, making it easy to use for whatever your listing needs may be.

Utilizing the powerful and flexible Concrete5 system, InDirectory is highly user-friendly and offers an array of capabilities that work seamlessly within the content management system.


Features include:
•    Quick Integration
•    Easy to use dashboard
•    Multi-image upload
•    Ability to relate one item to another
•    Ability to feature items
•    Ability to hide content
•    Custom SEO page titles, keywords and tags per entry
•    Search Engine Optimization tuning
•    Unlimited entries
•    Easy editing of titles, captions and content