Notes on setup:

This block looks at the settings on your site before displaying an Avatar or the Registration link.

To make the Avatar display:

1. Go to "Dashboard > Users & Groups > Login & Registration " and select "Enable public profiles"
2. Avatars only display AFTER you are logged in 
3. Avatars only display if the user has an Avatar

To make the "Register Here!" link display: 
1. Go to "Dashboard > Users & Groups > Login & Registration" and select any of the three options to enable registration 
2. The link ONLY displays on the block when you are logged out 
3. Navigate to "Dashboard > System Settings" and click the "Clear Cache" button

To make the Private Message Indicator display: 
1. The mail Icon only displays AFTER you are logged in 
2. The mail Icon only displays if the user has unread Private Messages (PM) in their inbox


Updating to version 1.3:

To support the new features in 1.3, the database needs two new fields and the Add / Edit block dialog is a different size.  I got the database update, working fine, but Concrete5 does not like to change the size of the edit dialog.  To fix this, you simply need to re-install the block after it is downloaded to your site.