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Hi there

Is this addon still supported beyond May 2020 when Instagram is reportedly going to change its api policy?

I have a few sites running this addon an we desperately need a working version!

Awaiting your soonest reply please.

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crivers replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for reaching out. I'll be happy to answer. Yes, this plugin will still work once Instagram changes over however there will be an update in a few weeks that you'll need to download to ensure a smooth transition.

Please check back in a few weeks.

hirokawadaisuke replied on at Permalink Reply
Could you give us information on the current situation?
How is the progress?
pixeljunkie replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Chris - looking forward to the update :D

Cheers, Bettina
crivers replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Everyone,

Yes, we will be releasing and update within the next few weeks just in time for the migration. Can you provide your email addresses so that I can add you to the notification mailing list?


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