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Review posted by okapi on at

Impressive results

This add-on causes an impressive increase in page loading speed and improvement of the user experience. It offers a large number of (optionally deactivatable) setting options. These can be configured globally or for individual pages. In most cases, the default settings should be sufficient to optimize pages. The detailed description and documentation of this add-on is a great help if it should be necessary to disable one or the other function in some cases. In addition, you can rely on the support of the author, which is proverbial.
Review posted by btpee on at

Great tool!

Great tool! This add-on will save you a lot of time if your site has slow bottlenecks and you want to solve them.

Support is great and help out wonderfully in problems. Thanks!

1.0.7 -

Review posted by pixeljunkie on at

Neat addon

Offers plenty of options to increase page load. Support is great and instant. Will become one of my bottom-line installs.
Review posted by bayleafmedia on at

An Excellent Add-On

This add-on increased the responsiveness of our site. There are many options to give you granular control of what you optimize and what you do not. The best part for me was the developer was quick to respond and help us with a conflict with another add-on.

I'd recommend this add-on in a heartbeat.

At the time of this writing we were on version 1.0.7.

1.0.7 -

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

23 Point Increase In Speed!

Instantly increase my speed by 23 points! What a great add-on!

You'll need to play with the settings a bit, my site went from 30 mobile to 60, but a few graphics were broken. After fiddling with the settings, I managed to land on a respectable 53 for mobile. Amazing!
Review posted by phowie74 on at

Great add-on

With performance so key to the success of any website these days an add-on which automatically implements many of the best practise guidelines and improves site performance is fantastic.

The fact that the tool is highly configurable allows complete control over which optimisations you choose to implement. With clear explanations of each option you feel in complete control and know exactly where some issues may arise and what to look out for.

I had some issues initially due to some custom code included in our site but our support request was responded to very swiftly and the issue successfully resolved.

I would highly recommend this add-on for its implementation and the results it can achieve but also for the super support should you have any issues or queries.
Review posted by bhans on at

Excellent module!

This module worked great! Played with a few of the settings and got 20% pagespeed improvement for mobile for our site.

Had an issue and support was very good and very quick. He found an error in some of our html which was throwing off what Instant Page Speed Magic was doing.

I highly recommend this if your site is having some responsiveness issues and/or you want to improve usability scores.
Review posted by Tropcom on at

Great support with awesome results

Great support from Nour who has gone above and beyond to help with some conflicts on the website with other 3rd party add-ons.

Brilliant tool for speeding up Concrete5 sites (A LOT!)

1.1.0 -

Review posted by daenu on at


Full page load time from 7.3 seconds to 2.5 seconds, yes, full page load, not just the initial load for the user being able to begin to read. FULL PAGE LOAD 2.5 seconds. That is excellent! Thank you very much!
Response by mnakalay on at
Wow! back at you for such a great review thank you ;)

1.1.3 -

Review posted by eldios on at

Best tool and perfect support

Very very useful plugin. It helps you for seo and saves time. The support is perfect, you will get immediately an answer. Thank you for all. Good work!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you, this is great!
Review posted by concordia on at

Excellent Tool

Does exactly what is is supposed to do and the the developer is awesome to work with!

I really recommend this package!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so much!

1.1.5 -

Review posted by lukasznillo on at


Great Addon. Best results with this addon: 97/100 in Google Page Insights :) with C5 8.5.5 and php 7.4 :)
Response by mnakalay on at
That's awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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