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This addon notifies the current page is public or not, by diplaying an indicator on the toolbar. 


What this Addon Does

When the page is public (= guests can view this page), the globe icon and the message "Public" are shown on the toolbar.

When the page is not public, the user icon and the message "Private" are shown on the toolbar.


Aim of this Addon

When you are managing a website where some pages are public and some pages are members only, you need to set permissions properly. Improper settings may cause information leakage.

This addon shows the current state of the page explicitly, which makes you feel secure on permission settings. If the settings are not proper, this addon enables you notice the situation quickly.


Supported Vesrion

This addon is tested on ver. 8.3.2. and ver.8.4.0




  • 公開されている場合 (= ゲストユーザーが閲覧できる場合)、ツールバーに地球のマークとPublicを表示します。
  • 公開されていない場合、ツールバーにユーザーのマークとPrivateを表示します。


ホームページに公開ページと会員向けページとがあり、同一の cms で管理している場合、権限を適切に付与しておく必要があります。適切でないと情報漏えいの危険があります。



NEM決済可能ネットショップ (8.4.0)

自動計算フォーム (8.3.2)

Current Version: 1.0
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
Compatible 8.3.2+
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every few days.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review