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Review posted by sstacha on at

Does not support multi language

I picked this control assuming it supported multi langage. This calendar works great for english but items entered in another language show up as question marks. Looking for a different control. FYI.
Review posted by eoi on at

Good job.

Plz German Localization support for the next version.
Review posted by Anttih on at

Almost perfect

Very good and easy to use.
I like that it won't create pages for every event (like others do).

Only thing is that you must count how many times recurring event is happening. It should be so that you give start and end dates and add on counts how many times it repeats.
The calendar is currently useless to me, because I can not just define the period of repeated events.

However, I can recommend this calendar.
Review posted by dhermes on at

Items Calendar

Items calendar works great for my needs. I have it on 3 of my websites!
Review posted by ughly on at

Items Calendar

Needed easy to use Calendar for my golf website and this fit the bill.
Review posted by keithbernard on at

Items Calendar Add-on

I wanted a relatively simple calendar to put on a site for regular events. This seems to do the job and does not create unwanted additional pages for all events as most of the other add-ons seem to. Made a few adjustments to it so far and seems ok to use. Thanks.
Review posted by Oznutro on at

Items Calendar

I've just started to use Items Calendar for my new community website and it's great, easy to use and displays the information for events nicely.

Review posted by JeffPaetkau on at

Quick support

Stopped working with Concrete5.6.2.1. Had an update within 24 hours. Thanks!

Before 2.0

Review posted by senshidigital on at

Once again great support

Scott got back to me very quickly on a fix to a small problem and it worked like a charm.
Review posted by jonghdesign on at

Great calendar with lots of options!

Wasn't working at the first moment, now it does thanks to the support. Version match is very important. Now working great!
Review posted by JonRimmer on at

Fexlible and easy to use

This addon is a great, I found it easy to configure and get up and running. It has many great features, it is flexible and serves many different uses. Good looking calendar view on the front end and the admin area is clear and is to understand. Also I found Scott very helpful with any question I had about the Addon

Great Job Scott
Review posted by senshidigital on at

Great Support!

We had a couple of problems with this add-on but the support was quick, especially since we are in different countries, and the problems were fixed.

Add-on is great and my client loves its flexibility.
Review posted by SpencerC on at

I like the calendar, but the support lacks

After trying to contact the developer through the proper channel of Support, I then tried a private message. So far no response. I also see he has another pending support request that is unresolved.

Hello Scott C, do you still support your product?

Help please,
Review posted by DBKG on at

Neat, Intuitive Calendar

A lot of calendars make you jump through hoops for what should be a straightforward procedure. This is not one of them. A very intuitive interface, which will make it easy for my clients to maintain their calendar. I had a question early on, and Scott responded promptly with the correct solution. Recommended!
Review posted by SpencerC on at

Best Calendar Add-On

My favorite thing about this add-on is that calendar items do not live on a page (i.e. no need to bloat your site with pages just to add a simple event). However you can associate an event with a page if you want, so it could click through to a page for that event or perhaps just for that event section. I have not tried the add-on with my client yet, but assume it will be fairly easy to explain.

In the dashboard it would be nice to have the ability to sort the event list by date, name, etc. Plus, the dashboard interface is a bit clunky and needs some cleaning up. Otherwise this is one nice add-on.

Scott has also been very quick with support requests.
Review posted by zest on at

Awesome calendar!

Having used a LOT of products over the years I can say this one is seriously easy to set up, extremely easy for the client to use and a bargain at $40. I can't imagine an easier or more powerful to use calendar module becoming available for Concrete5! Nice work Scott!

2.0 - 1.7.1

Review posted by AudubonLL on at

Just What I Needed

The flexibility of this calendar is what makes it so good. You can pretty much do anything you want. Quick and easy to install, easy to navigate, and looks great.
Review posted by abweb on at

Nice Add-On

Easy to work with the Calendar.
Simply does the job.
Thanks Scott, great work.
Review posted by jgroenew on at

Excellent calendar addon

I'm very pleased with this addon. I had it up and running in minutes, and was able to quickly teach a computer novice how to use it effectively. Looks great and works as advertised.
Review posted by scdesign on at

Great Add-On

Did exactly what I wanted it to and saved me a lot of time and hassle. Easy to manage and was very easy to train the client on how to use it and add dates/events etc. Highly recommend!

2.0 - 1.7.1

Review posted by ConcreteCMS on at


Looks like this has the features I was looking for to use!

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