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jQuickie (c5.6)

Check out the Double Quickie deal and the fantastic Developer Bundle, or document your work with Developer & Document.

jQuickie provides a small, user friendly and highly functional JavaScript development environment within a Concrete5 block.

Simply edit your script and tick the resources it needs. jQuickie automatically checks it validates and places exception handlers, sandboxing and edit mode protection about the script. Save the block and watch it do cool stuff on your page.

Once you have used jQuickie, you will hate returning to inserting JavaScript the hard way by coding directly into an html block, view template or theme. For hard core developers, jQuickie is still the fastest way to insert code and test before moving your development into a package. Adding JavaScript to Concrete5 pages has never been easier.


jQuickie is the quickest, safest and easiest way to implement any JavaScript effect that isn’t already in a marketplace block. Have a look at the Features page for a comprehensive list of all the great features jQuickie provides.


To get started, please read the documentation page. Check the jQuickie Forums for application examples. Support for jQuickie extends to the addon itself, but not to debugging any scripts bundled for jQuickie or developed using jQuickie. For general scripting help, please ask on the Concrete5 forums. 

Internet Explorer

JavaScript developed using jQuickie will run in any browser. For developers, the included syntax editor is not compatible with and is disabled for Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, you can still use jQuickie, but editing will be in a text box. Developers will receive a richer experience in Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Furthermore, these browsers include much better Developer Console facilities.

Experience Required

To use jQuickie effectively you will need to already have some JavaScript development experience and be familiar with the web browser Developer Console. But you don't need to be a script ninja. jQuickie is a great learning environment

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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