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Language Manager

Language Manager is an all-round solution to install new language translations for your site and automatically detect the language for the visitors of your site. So no longer, your users have to select the language themselves, this add-on does it automatically for them.

This add-on FULLY integrates with the Internationalization add-on. It is suggested to also have that add-on installed if you're running a version of concrete5 that is newer than or equal to 5.4.2.

From the Language Manager you can easily install new language files for your site straight from the concrete5 translation repository or from .po files you have on your computer or at some place in the web. So, installing the translations is much easier than before, just select the language you want to install from a list of available languages.

Check out also Translations Manager to manage and update your translations files!

Mainio Tech also offers an up-to-date language repository for automatic installation of the language translation files into your concrete5 site. This functionality is available in the package after you install it.

The language manager also helps you to automatically detect users’ languages. This means that users browsing your site don’t have to change the language to the correct one but rather they are automatically redirected to the correct language version of your site.

There are multiple detection criteria available to detect the user’s language: by the browser language setting, by user’s IP-address geolocation, and user-specific language (either from the logged-in user setting or the language they have selected from the "Switch Language" block in Internationalization add-on). You can fully control the priority of these detection methods from the dashboard of your site. If all the selected detection criteria will fail (e.g. your site does not have a language version for Chinese), user will be redirected to the default language.

One great issue with the Language Manager is also that it translates the block-specific texts depending on which language version the user is browsing. This means that e.g. in your Form-blocks, users will no longer see the text of the submit button as “Submit”, but they will see the correct word there depending on the language version they are browsing. Of course, this requires that the block texts are correctly translated in the translation file.

A live demo will be setup soon. Meanwhile, just check out our introductory video to see what the language manager can do!

Also, we will be adding an introduction on how to use the technical side of this add-on, e.g. with this add-on you can build a site that is restricted to only one country (e.g. network televisions in some countries).



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