Smooth Scrolling

Add smooth scrolling to a block / add-on

  • NB: It's already embedded and it will scroll smoothly and automatically with all these addons,  

Add smooth scrolling to custom blocks / add-ons

  1. First thing,
    You go above the custom block you want to get to and you choose Add Block.
    NB: This is the destination block (where the smooth scrolling gets to)

  2. You now create an element with the ID equal to: what-you-like
    In this case the ID we put is: blahblah

    NB: Make sure you write the exact name you have chosen.
    NB: ONLY letters AND dashes are allowed.
    NB: Please AVOID mispelling or it will not work.

  3. Last thing is to open up the source block (the menu in this case) where the anchor is.

    Final result, the anchor you put is: blahblah otherwise #blahblah as you prefer.


    OK all done!

To sum things up

When you create smooth scrolling to custom blocks / addons:

you think of a name like: My Custom Block

1. In the source block, as anchor you put: my-custom-block

2. In the destination block, as ID you put: my-custom-block

You have now created the link between source and destination

your smooth scrolling to custom block now is working