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Lerteco Simple Content

This block is provided free of charge. Please don't expect too much in the way of support.


As a designer or integrator who rolls out a concrete5 site, it's your job to make sure that the site looks good on delivery, is easy for the client to maintain, and stays looking good. Current content editing solutions are a bit cumbersome to use (5 extra clicks and 3 page loads on concrete5's content editing block), don't do true in-place editing, and, without configuraton, provide too much control to the editor like background color and font-face. You shouldn't have to manually fix the HTML code after every change made.

Simple Content is designed to be an incredibly simple content editing solution, built for editors, not designers. This is achieved through two primary features:

  1. The editor is easy to load -- one click -- and allows editing in-place (not just "in-context"). All site styles apply during editing, and seeing how the new text works with other text on the page is automatic. Is a title too wide for the width of the text box? Does too much text push another block below the fold? How will the content wrap around an element floated within the same div? When editing in-place, these answers are just part of normal editing.
  2. The designer/administrator has absolute control over which formatting the editor can use. Options like background color and font-face aren't even possible, and of those available, the administrator can configure what is shown to the editor. Currently available formatting options are:
    • Standard formatting: bold, italic, underline
    • Lists: ordered lists, unordered lists
    • Blocks / Headings: Paragraph (always available), H1, H2, H3, H4
    • Classes: A drop-down of classes is fully configurable
    • Links, Images, and Files: Selected from the sitemap and the file manager, with concrete5 fileset filtering available

N.B. In order to make the editor as simple as possible and able to use all page styles, it uses an editable div rather than an iframe; a modern browser is required for editing. Plan on continued support for any of cross-platform the majors (Chrome, Safari, FF) released in the previous year.


The demo available at http://c5demo.lerteco.com/index.php/login?uName=ceo requires login (username: ceo, password: ceoceo). After logging in, go back to the homepage and hover over one of the sections of content at the top of either column (or both).


A few notes:

  1. Frz has made a good point about this -- the editing mode is not consistent with the rest of c5 blocks. But then, that's the primary feature. But it means there may be some confusion about this block vs others. (But this problem also exists with blocks that are more record-driven and are edited from the dashboard.)

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