• Field Mapping -- There's no need to provide a file with columns in a specific order, or with specific column names. You can provide as few or as many importable fields as you want.
    After you upload a CSV, it will examine the column headings and suggest a mapping (based on attribute names). You can also drag and drop the columns onto the attributes to import exactly the fields you want.
    Check out the first screenshot. 
  • Update Existing Users -- Match an import on either username or email address and choose which columns to update.
  • Sophisticated Validation -- After mapping the fields, a first pass is made to validate every bit of data to be imported. Email addresses, usernames, and passwords are checked against c5 rules, and each attribute value is checked. For example: select attributes are checked that the value exists; address attributes are checked for the correct format and that the country code is correct.
    Fatal errors (those that prevent the entire user from being imported) and other errors (those that just prevent an attribute from being set correctly) are summarized and reported in detail (with CSV line numbers).
    Before anything happens to your database, you have the opportunity to review the errors and fix the mapping or start over again -- or you can force the import to continue.
  • Imports Groups -- Just provide a column with your concrete5 group names, and it'll add the user as it does the import.
  • Imports avatars and file attributes
  • Auto- username and password -- If you don't map a CSV field to the username or password fields, it will automatically create them on import.Usernames are based on the email address (before the @) and passwords are random characters.
  • Welcome Emails -- Option to send welcome email to newly created users with their username and password. This email will even include their automatically-generated password, which is otherwise inaccessible (it gets encrypted). Email text can be overridden by copying template to site /mail directory.
  • Detects linefeeds -- Not all of the user-importing add-ons handle a variety of linefeeds correctly; this makes sure to auto detect line feeds.