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Review posted by pbhanney on at


I absolutely love this add on! Very easy to use and flexible with my needs.

Is there any plans to update this for 5.7 or 5.8?

Before 1.1.0

Review posted by madmichael on at

Works beautifully

I was all set to write my own and I thought I would give this a try. It works exactly as I needed it to and saved me a great deal of time.

The only other thing I could ask for is support for image and file attachments. For example the image name could be provided in the csv file and it would have to already exist in a specified folder on the server in order to be processed.

Thank you!
Response by jshannon on at
Thanks for the review. Glad it worked.

Interesting request for the images/attachments. Could you private-message me a use case? Would these be for already-imported files (like, in the file manager or will it always be in a n "import" directory? what's the ultimate use? etc).

Also, is this "something that would be cool" or "something that's important now"? (That'll help me decide when/if to build it).


1.1.0 -

Review posted by KDNiklas on at

A real time saver!

I ran in to some trouble at first but I got good support from jshannon and it turned out to be an IE9 issue, which should be fixed now. It worked fine on Crome.

This addon is a great time saver and is very easy to use! Works very well!

1.1.1 -

Review posted by EGFStech on at

Professional Time Saver

I couldn't have asked for more. Did an excellent job of saving me a ton of time. Very professional UI, especially for the field mapping. Excellent job of thinking of the user first - no specific criteria for the import CSV file, the mapping takes care of any field naming discrepancies. Really, it saved me a lot of time and can be used for updating in the future as well. Thanks for your development efforts!

1.2.1 -

Review posted by Juerg on at

Very helpful add-on and great support

This add-on is well worth its money. After a few initial problems it worked great and was very intuitive to use.
I received an almost immediate response to my support question and we were able to resolve the problem within a very short time.

Thank you James and keep up the good work. -

Review posted by fjhadd on at

Great Add-on

This is exactly what you need to import user to a C5 site.
Easy to use and is a great feature that it verify the list. -

Review posted by pixo on at

Great Add-on and Support

This add-on worked just as described and has a user interface that takes some of the complications that importing a large number of attributes typically has. I also found the support to be excellent with this add-on.

2.1.0b1 -

Review posted by davidfurler on at

Used it multiple times - including new update feature

Imported 500+ users with a dozen or so custom attributes and all worked very well. Had a few false starts so it was very reassuring to get a preview of exactly what would happen before committing.

Have since used the update feature a few times with great success. Much easier to make a mass change by exporting the member list, making changes to certain fields, then reuploading to have the database updated.

When going the updating route I have just uploaded a .csv with only certain fields just to be safe. I am sure it's fine, but the add on only looks for username and email, so I just kept those fields plus the columns I actually needed to updated.

New feature really makes the add on more than a "once off" use for me, as I could never successfully update one attribute of multiple users in one go with the Dashboard interface (why is that??)

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