Version History


* Added option to "Force Download" a file for the "File" type items;


* Added "-" and "+" icons to expand/collapse individual items/entries (making it easier to jump to other items instead of long scrolling or having a better overview);


* Added ability to add class name(s) to the list title;
* Added "division" (div) option to "List title style" field;


* Delete button now using FontAwesome's "remove" icon;
* Minor CSS changes to have a good UI for both concrete5 version 5.7 and 8.x;


* Fixed bug "Declaration of Concrete\Package\ListDesigner\Block\ListDesigner\Controller::registerViewAssets() should be compatible with Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController::registerViewAssets($outputContent = '')";
* Removed empty directory "blocks/list_designer/form_css"


* Added Dutch translation;
* Added messages.pot translation file;
* Updated German language;
* Added List Designer (Block Type) to composer - go ahead and add List Designer to your Page Type's compose form;
* Little higher and wider interface/popup when editing a List Designer block;
* Fixed a bug where if a page contained quotes, it failed to render the entry (using htmlspecialchars/concrete5's h() function);
* Fixed type 'Heading 5 (H6)' into 'Heading 6 (H6)';
* Rewritten and minified CSS;
* Removed unused "use" statements;
* Replaced deprecated Database function "GetAll" with "fetchAll";
* Replaced deprecated Database function "GetRow" with "fetchAssoc";
* Replaced deprecated View function "url" with "URL::to";
* Replaced deprecated Loader function "helper" with "Core::make('helper/')";
* Removed unneeded "upgrade" function;
* Used alias of BlockTypeSet class instead of full classname;


* Fixed language typo - thanks "tallacman";


* Added some extra styling to the form input "Anchor" and transitions to the "Page selector" div;
* Added ability to add class name(s) to the list item;
* Renamed "Class name(s)", for anchors (Page, External URL, File, Bootstrap Modal, Preset/System Feature), to "Anchor class name(s)", as there now is the ability to enter class names for the list item as well;
* Added ability to prepend & append HTML within the list item, for example a FontAwesome icon or wrap the content of the list item in a span/div with a custom class;


* Updated German language - thanks "tsilbermann";


* New list item type: Preset;


* Rewrite from navigation helper to "getCollectionLink" function on Page object;
* $btCacheBlockRecord, $btCacheBlockOutput, $btCacheBlockOutputOnPost & $btCacheBlockOutputForRegisteredUsers all set to false, we do not want to cache this block as attributes of files/pages can be changed constantly;
* "replace_link_with_first_in_nav" page attribute: when added and activated for a particular page, and that page is linked to using the List Designer block, the parent page will not be linked to. Instead, the page with the lowest display order under the parent page will be linked to instead. (e.g. Click on "Locations" in a navigation, and actually link to "/locations/first-location" instead.
* Added German language - thanks "tsilbermann";


* New list item type: Bootstrap modal;
* Added ability to enter class names to be added to your anchor;
* Repositioned "Add Entry" button, because as of Concrete5 version this button would go outside the popup/window;


* Added the ability to add anchors for "Page" and "External URL" list item types. This will be added after the "href" attribute of the anchor (a href="#the-anchor-you-add-in");


* Using requireAsset for Font Awesome (default concrete5.7 asset);
* Replaced defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die(_("Access Denied.")); with defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.");
* Removed unnecessary "uninstall" function in package controller file;


* Arrow up/down for sorting changed to "Font Awesome" font;
* Hamburger dragging icon changed to "Font Awesome" font;
* Fixed link pointing towards non-existing bootstrap.fonts.css file;
* System message when there is no output (no list items and no title nor message), using the "default" Concrete5 style;


* Initial Release