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Review posted by tsilbermann on at

Well-conceived, handy Add-On, great support

List Designer is a well-conceived and very handy Add-On for creating all kinds of custom menus lists etc. Support requests are responded fast and also feature requests are no problem for the developer.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Thanks for the review and appreciation of the support I'm offering. Doing the best I can for each and everyone and listen to "your" (the community) feedback at all times. Have fun with List Designer and you know where to find me for more feature requests!
Review posted by tallacman on at

Excellent and versatile

Really great way to add a link list to your site. Im using it in my footer for external sites. Has every option you could want. I do wish it had a div around the title though so I could select that for styling.
Response by ramonleenders on at
That's some custom styling. If you want this, I can make you a "custom" block template with this minor change/edit. Or if you don't want it as a template, we can overrule the default one under application/blocks if you'd like.

Get in contact for this change or any other requests. Happy to make it for you.

1.0.0 -

Review posted by lenevoigt on at

Excellent Add-On

Excellent Add-On
Lists can put outside connections in the typeface of a side better than easy text sales. Hence, we have acquired this and have immediately started.
Generates a list had to go without enumeration points. This functioned to quick Support also with our elective theme.
Review posted by appamada on at

Absolutely splendid add-on

This add-on does exactly what we need it to do, create lists that are flexible and easy to design. It's important to us that the lists can include files, pages, links, and URLs. I'm excited to begin incorporating this add-on into our site in the many, many places where we need it. Thanks for the great concept.

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