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List Files From Set

Concrete5 features file 'sets', that allow you to place uploaded files in groups for easy organisation.
This block allows you to select a file set, automatically displaying a list of the files within it for download.

For example, your site might include downloadable newsletters or forms that are regularly added to.
This block simply displays download links for items you place in the set, removing the need to edit pages directly.

With this block you can:

  • Order the files in several ways (including set order).
  • Hide or place in brackets the file extensions.
  • Tidy up the titles/filenames displayed by replacing underscores and changing case.
  • Optionally display the file size and date added for each file.
  • Automatically display the name of the file set.

Another thing you can do with this block is have it point to the latest file in a file list and override the title. In this way, you can place a link on a page that always points to the latest file in a set (e.g. 'latest version').

The default output of this block is a simple un-ordered list. It is intentionally un-styled, meaning it should fit in with most themes. Also included is a Custom Template that displays the list of files in a table format.

Custom templates for this block should be easy to create, making it able to display a list of files in any layout you wish.

Note: if you are looking for some additional templates that handle the display of images, check out the Image List Templates add-on by JohntheFish.

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