Version History


    - Use concrete5 Alerts popup 

    - Ajax error handling

    - Changed design of add-on's backend

    - Added images preview at backend

    - code clean up and refactoring

    - a lot of small fixes

    - compatibility with new versions of C5



    - bugfixes for PHP7.2



    - remove all php short tags

    - corrected thumbnail types for C5.7 and C5.8

    - update sortable.js

    - clean up code

    - fix bug with thumbnail in files set



    - Fixes for Internet Explorer 11



    - Dropzone preview fixed

    - Modal dialog fix for Concrete5 8.2.1



    - optimized saving of image name and description

    - set filename as image name after uploading new image

    - ability to change thumbnails size in admin page

    - added ability to create gallery from file set

    - minor visual improvements



    - bugfixes with Invalid token while uploading image on Concrete5 v8.2



    - sorting images support



    - release version



    - fixed "json parsing error" while saving empty gallery

    - disable gallery preview in edit mode

    - fixed crop mode in default and compact theme



    - fixed thumbnail type creation on v5.8.0.0

    - fixed database (error occurs only on Windows system )

    - fixed upload image modal window

    - js scripts fixes

    - fixes css for Internet Explorer

    - add validation while creating new gallery

    - add validation while block adds on page

    - display "Galleries no found" message while adding a block if galleries are not created yet



    - fixed incorrect close button action in new gallery dialog

    - edit.php if we can't get thumbnail type, use full image for thumbnail



    - Deny to create new gallery with empty name

    - Error handling in ajax

    - Use Response class instead of echo for ajax requests

    - package now supports v5.8.0+



    - fixed checkboxes

    - fixed installation on Concrete5 8.0.0

    - fixed style conflicts in modal.css

    - fixed scrollbars in modal



    - form_setup_html.php - all strings wrapped in t function

    - mime type filter in dropzone 

    - Edit Gallery - images tab opening when uploading starts

    - Removed useless code

    - Fixed db bug while adding block on Concrete 5.7.13

    - Use core asset for dropzone.js. File dropzone.js removed from package

    - Remove bootstrap.css

    - Fixed upload images dialog