Default Theme and Compact Theme

Big base image with thumbnails below. Compact Theme have more minimalistic control buttons.

Tiles Columns

All images are aligned by columns. Images in same column have same width.

Tiles Justified

All images are aligned by rows. Images in same row have same height.

Tiles Nested 

Images are displayed unaligned but with original proportions

Tiles Grid

Square images grid with big space between


Square images in one line with arrow buttons below

Grid Theme

Big image with thumbails on the right side


Simple slider with 5 sec delay

Theme options


Compact Lightbox - lightbox with less control elements.

No Icons - remove zoom icon on thumbnails mouseover.

BW Effect - thumbnails black and white effect.

BW On Mouseover - thumbnails black and white effect on mouseover.

Sepia Effect - thumbnails sepia effect.

Border - border around thumbnails.

Border With Outline - border and outline around thumbnails.

Shadow - shadow on thumbnails.

Text Panel - thext panel with image name on mouseover.