Creating gallery

First of all we need to create our first gallery. Go to your dashboard and click "overview" button under "Lite Gallery" section. Here is a list of your galleries and it's empty for now. For adding new gallery, push appropriate button at the upper right corner.

New Gallery

Modal window with gallery's properties will appear. Enter name and description(optional) of the gallery here and push "Add" button then.


Adding images

After successfully creating a gallery we need to add some images to it. Click "Add images" button to open gallery edit page. 

Push "+Add Image" button. Dialog window will appear. Drag and drop images here and wait while uploading finished. 

Lite Gallery Upload Images

Also you can add images from file sets. Push "Add File Set" button and select your file set(for Concrete5 8.2.0 and above).

Sorting images

You can organize images simple by drag and drop them and push "Save" button


Placing block to the page

Open the page, where you want to place Lite Gallery block and click "Add Content to The Page" button. Scroll window down to "Other" section and find the "Lite Gallery" icon.

Drag and drop this icon to the page. Dialog window will appear.

Select your gallery, choose theme, options and click "Add" button. 

For more infrmation about themes and options, look at "Settings" page of current documentation.