Version History


* Developers: changed to short array syntax (PHP);
* Developers: removed unneeded "URL" class inside the "LiveChatConfig" class;


* Added setting to cache the JavaScript file from locally on your host/FTP (30 minutes) - this will have a positive effect on Google's PageSpeed Insights;


* Fixed an error which could occur upon updating your concrete5 website - due to 1 missing check of the "Current Page";


* Developers: moved the "setWidget" and "removeWidget" javascript function contents to the "addEventListener", because those functions may already be defined somewhere (either core or 3rd party Add-Ons);


* "Live Chat" dashboard page functions as a placeholder now, and redirects to the new "Plugin Settings" page (formerly "Live Chat" main page);
* Page refresh will take place on the "Plugin Settings" page, after clicking "Use selected widget" or "Remove current widget" (you will see the example directly, when not hidden in the dashboard);


* Initial Release