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What are LivIcons (Live Icons) ?

They are cross browser vector icons, built with JavaScript, that include individual mini animations for every icon (except ‘Brand name’ ones). They are based on SVG (scalable vector graphic) in modern browsers and VML (vector markup language) in IE6 – IE8 for a clean and perfect look on any device (Yes. Retina too).

Supports Bootstrap Buttons and Auto-Nav Pro

  • 353 live + 51 static = 404 total icons.
  • New step in interactivity – such animation methods for interface elements have never been created before.
  • Animated or static (non-animated)
  • Any color, any size
  • Retina perfect
  • 16 pixel perfect
  • Bootstrap compatible
  • Easy integration – just one snippet of code
  • All browsers (almost)
  • Icon generator
  • JS customizer (Optimize. Only load the icons you wish to load)

LivIcons for concrete5 is a Hostco and DeeThemes project


Sales have ended due to EOL

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