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I add a block to the a page. However, the size of the text is very large and all upper case and they are in three lines.
I want them all three buttons in one line with lower case, rather than three lines with large text.
example of what I want ( Welcome: login / register )

How can I do that? in a small block?

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vr5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello jamez, thank you for your request.
Login Dialog Block is very low customizible because it's simplicity.
But i have make a little bugfix and now it's possible to appearance "Login/Register" text in single line. I have uploaded fixed version at market place and updated documentation, so check this out. Here is information you need

"Login/Register" in single line

To display Welcome message in single line do the following things:

1. Login to youre site.

2. Enter to edit mode by clicking Pencil icon in Dashboard

3. Left click on Login Dialog block and select Design and Appearance menu

4. Click on Custom CSS classes Icon. Edit window will appear

5. In User Classes textbox type "in-line" (without quotes) and click Save.

6. Here you can also change font size by typing "font-16", "font-14", "font-12" an so on

And don't forget to publish youre changes

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