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Review posted by scottosx on at

eCommerce Under Control

If you are doing eCommerce then you seriously must take a look at what you can do with it in conjunction with Magic Data. Like many, I was sold on the idea of putting products anywhere on my site and not within a specific 'store' structure.

Yeah, that sounds great until you really start to analyze the templates for displaying them and see that they are really rather a mess and very hard to customize without a ton of work.

Enter Magic Data Commerce...

Want a product picture only, right here in this block? Child's play... Want a table of prices? Want totally customized listings, everything arranged, wrapped and styled as you want?

MD Commerce can do that. It fulfills the original promise. And oh by the way, eCom is just one teesy, tiny thing Magic Data can do.

1.4.2 -

Review posted by OKDnet on at

eCommerce flexibility

Reviews of Magic Data speak of the added power & flexibility the add-on provides, and so for eCommerce this makes it all work! At first when I was just learning how to use it (which takes READING THE DOCS and some effort) I only used it so move pricing and add-to-cart buttons. However, doing that was easy with this and Johns support, compared to what it would have been to do it otherwise.

To really see where you can go with this, however, see my review of the free Magic Data Templates component here

And I'm sure I'm still only scratching the surface!

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